November 4.


Hello screamers.

We had an awesome time at Rock The Boat! Met alot of new people

and saw alot of cool new bands as well :)

Next up is Mandal. November 20.

At this gig we are supporting Beasto Blanco, wich is the daughter of Alice Cooper, Calico Cooper´s band. Also starring in this awesome rock band is Chuck Carric wich also has played with Alice Cooper.

Aaaaaand another awesome thing is that november 20 is Lars´s birthday!!

Hope to see you there because its gonna be a hell of a night!


ROCK ON! ROCK HARD! And eat your goddamn vegetables!!





Oktober 7.


What´s up screamers??

Another gig well done. Amaranthe and Screams of Scarlet at vulkan arena.

It was awesome as hell and always fun to meet the guys and lady from

Amaranthe. The place was packed with people and the audience was

so cool. They sang along to our songs and specially on our version of

smoke on the water. Lars almost didnt have to sing at all.

You can find some pictures from the gig taken by the beautyfull

Amalie here.


Next up is the Stena Line´s Rock The Boat 31 of october.

Hope to see you there and remember to buy tickets.





September 12.


Hey screamers :)

We had great fun at Brynerocken. We always feel we get a warm welcome when we are in Bryne. Everybody has been so awesome.

The gig went pretty damn well even though the drive took about 7,5 hours and it does take a toll. After the gig we had the after-party in our hotel room.

No beds broken this time :)

The next day we traveled to Bergen. Looong drive as well and its not easy being in a car with 5 guys and everybody is either tired or hungry.

Martin was always screaming "I want McDonalds"!! :)

The gig in Bergen went pretty well. Wasn´t much people there but the sound was incredible. After the gig we decided that we would drive home at 23:00.

7,5 hour drive, pitch black and tired as hell, lars decided to drive.

Everybody survived ;)

Pictures from the trip will be on our facebook page soon.


Next gig is with the awesome band "Amaranthe" october 2.

We cant hardly wait :)

See you next gig.





August 30.


Thanks for a great time yesterday Sandefjord.

It was so fun to play at E.O.M

Next up is next weekend, Brynerocken and Bergen.



August 28.


Tomorrow is the Elements Of Metal concert.

We are very exited to play with the band Black Debbath and

all of the other bands as well. And not to mention the after party.

Lord its gonna be a blast!

We will be posting some pics next week from the concert and maby

a couple of phone clips as well.(if everyone is sober enough to function) ;)

Se ya tomorrow screamers !!


Rock on!




August 24.


Whats up screamers??

Long time no see. We have had a little summer-vacation

but now we are back with a vengance.

Got some new concert dates on the concerts tab so check it out.

AND we are once more doing a concert with Amaranthe in october.

This is so incredible for us and means alot so we hope we will see your

face in-front of the stage :)

We are also doing a concert on stena line´s ROCK THE BOAT wich is a

first for us. Hope lars doesnt get sea sick. Hahaha..

We are also working on some new songs wich we hope we will

get ready for the upcoming concerts so you all can get a taste.

Some pointers, if you want to buy tickets for the Amaranthe+SOS

concert, you can contact any of us directly on facebook.


See ya soon screamers.





April 17.


Hey screamers.

Next up is the concert in Aurskog,

hometown of Lars. Guess it´s a pretty big

deal for him to have this concert cause

he´s very exited and looking foward to it.

Hope to see some of you there. We already

have alot of people coming on the faebook-event.





April 7.


Here it is screamers!

The new official music-video for

our song, Nowhere to Hyde!

Our guitarist has been working

his ass off to mix this video together,

As we others say, it´s a piece of art.

You are awesome Martin!!

Have a looksy and share with the rest of the world.



March 15.


Had a great time in Hamar and Halden with paDIOna.

Not so many people showed up cause of the Hockey season

and Hamar is a hockey-loving town, but still it was great fun.

And Lars was extremly happy about the coffee.

He didnt know it was chocolate flavoured. He thought they put baylies

in it or something. What an idiot! haha.

We got a plan for those who live nearby our hometown, lillestrøm, and

more info on that will be coming later :)

We also have a plan on having a consert in Lars´s hometown, Aurskog,

and more info on that will also be coming.

What we are really looking forward to now is the consert with DORO!

It´s going to be epic!

See you later Screamers :)






February 2.




S.O.S and the band SPITFIRE, will be

playing with the first-lady of

heavy metal, namely DORO!

This epic evening will go down in April.

Check the Conserts/Tours tab for more info.




January 26.


It was an awesome weekend.

We had a great time in Stavanger and Sandnes.

Nice to see some familiar faces and nice to see some new ones.

Can´t wait until next time.




January 1.


Hey all you screamers out there.

It is a new year and we got alot of plans and stuff we want to do

this year. First of all we would like to thank everyone supporting us last year.

We had a very good run with the release of our album Nowhere to Hyde and

playing a couple of shows with the band Amaranthe and playing around in norway pluss one time in denmark.

We shall try to keep this website up2date but our slow-assed vocalist

needed a hit in the head. Hehe.


Currently we got some consert dates so just click the Conserts/Tours tab

to see where and when we will be playing.