One exceptionally ordinary third of April, Martin Skar Berger (Zerozonic) decided he wanted to start a band with heavy focus on melody and clean vocals, but also a groove you could headbang to. Quickly he contacted his pals from his old bands to get things started. Ørjan Paulsen (Once Awake) and Øyvind Bjørshoel (Wheels of Rust) soon joined in on the project and started rehearsing some songs Martin had made only a few weeks later.


Time passed and a demo turned into a EP, EP turned into an album and the lads were working hard on getting it done. Lars Marius Wølneberg (Decay) joined the band a few months after and started immediatly on working on the vocals together with Martin in the studio. Then Ronny Dybdahl (Vanishing Void) also joined the band as a second guitarist. Now one year after, the band is slowly but surely putting the S.O.S logo all over the world.